The Barn

Beside the studio lies our charming accommodation. Home to Rosie and Frank for the first four years of Cow House, the Barn now serves as a home to our guests year round. Over the years many artists and students have passed through our doors, leaving behind artwork, books, photographs, mugs among other items. The whole place exudes its own history and continues to grow with every person who spends time with us.

The 300-year-old barn has been lovingly transformed to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our guests. The shared experience of living, eating and spending time together, forms an integral part of life at the Cow House. The Barn contains five en-suite bedrooms, a cosy dining room, a large living area, an expanding visual arts library, and a busy kitchen where Frank and Caitriona prepare home cooked food and sweet treats.

At the Cow House, we take our food seriously. During our teen summer programme and various residency opportunities, we ensure that everyone eats three delicious and healthy meals a day and are happy to accommodate any specific dietary needs, whether it be a food allergy or vegetarian requirements.

All of our meals are prepared with the utmost care and in addition to classic dishes from their Italian, American and Irish backgrounds, Frank and Caitriona are always experimenting with new dishes and cuisines from around the world, whether that be Indian, Mexican, French or the many other regional flavours that influence our cooking. We are proud to serve food that has been produced locally: fresh milk and cheese, natural Irish beef and lamb, and delicious root vegetables, not to mention Edel’s home baked bread, Mary’s fruit preserves, and delicious deserts.