These pages are dedicated to the former students, teachers and residency artists that help make the Cow House what it is. We are curious to catch up with them, hear about their current projects, and the ways their time here on the farm influenced their practice.
We have had the opportunity to meet many talented and dedicated people over the years, and with each new artist residency, summer programme or portfolio course our studios are informed by new ideas and working methods.
Our programmes grow as a result, and even though many of the artists that reside here for a time never have a chance to meet, their influence is passed on through Rosie and Frank if not by the many cherished objects left behind.



  • Margaret Clarke
  • Chickpea and spinach
  • aitormento: Wassily
  • Paul Klee SCHÜTZERIN
  • helen_oleary.jpg
  • Masaya CHIBA - Shugo
  • Masaya CHIBA
  • Sascha Braunig, Hilt
  • Zander Blom
  • Math Bass
  • Ahmed Alsoudani
  • Beef Tataki
  • Image result for erw
  • Reality Check Interv
  • Sophie Lécuyer
  • Artist Alison, Teles